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it's your love story.

We understand ourselves in the context of story.


Stories tell us where we came from, inform who we are, and guide us into the future.


Humans have told stories forever. 

You have a story worth telling.

Whoever has shaped who you are, whatever defines the two of you together, these are the things that make your story your own.

We want to tell it.

"I watched it right away!!! seriously NO WORDS!!! you two are incredible and captured everything so beyond perfectly. What an honor to be able to have created that with you and Brittainy. This is so special to us. The film is absolutely amazing I really can’t explain how grateful we are to have been apart of it. You guys must be so proud of yourselves!!! The amount of work and love put into it shows. It’s SO GOOD!!!!!."

Keana + Dylan

"John and Brittainy were absolutely fantastic to work with. My husband and I will absolutely treasure these memories for our entire lives!"

Courtney + Jordan

"My husband and I had Jocund Bliss do our bridal video out in the dunes... We thank John and Brittainy for creating a film that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! I highly recommend them!"

Morgan + Rustin

"John and Brittainy have such a beautiful way of capturing the special moments. They know exactly what they are doing and their confidence makes the process run smoothly and stress free."

Audrey + Luke

"Jocund Bliss is awesome! We loved working with them and had a blast! They did an amazing job! They gave us the best pictures and film that we will cherish forever!"

Natalie + Mateos

"J + B are so professional and so fun to work with! We loved the experience and adventure that came with filming the video with them! They're so easy to get along with and created a beautiful film."

Jordan + Matt

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