5 tips for finding your perfect videographer

Avoid post-ceremony regret by using these 5 tips to find your perfect wedding videographer!

1. Does their style jive with yours?

Watch the company’s videos. Are they washed out? Can you hear the bride and groom? Does the sound or visual effects add to the story or take away from it? Finding the ideal videographer can be a challenge, but don’t worry about hyper-analyzing wedding videos. You will know pretty quickly whether you like it or not (even if you’re not entirely sure why!).

JB Tip: Watch their videos online and compare them with other videographers. Ask yourself what you love most about them. Then find a videographer who has that same approach.

Natalie and Mateos’s elegant boho style was perfect amongst the giant boulders and ancient Joshua trees. It was an intimate session with just the two of them expressing their love for each other on a chilly Spring evening.

2. Prioritize video.

Photographs get a lot of amazing moments. But couples are starting to recognize that video captures glances, smiles, tears, and raw emotion in ways that photography cannot. A skilled filmmaker can create a personalized work of art that you will want to watch for the rest of your lives. With all the craziness of wedding prep, ceremonies, and receptions, so much can be missed when the photographer is not around or just doesn’t catch “the shot.” A professionally shot and produced film can bring people, memories, and moments back to life long after your wedding guests have gone home.

JB Tip: If you’ve already found either your photographer or videographer, ask them if they can recommend the one you don’t have yet. People in the industry are familiar with other professional’s style, price, and overall vibe. They work with other vendors all the time and can be a helpful guide to you. Use them as a resource!

Everything about this bridal shoot in the dunes was epic, from the endless mountains of sand to the bride and groom riding around on quads. PC: Drey Johnson

3. Beware of budget-beaters.

There are budget videographers that do good work. But what most couples don’t know is that videography is about 2-3 times more expensive than photography. This doesn’t mean that a videographer is necessarily going to cost more than a photographer. But it does generally mean that their floor is going to be higher based on the fact that their equipment costs more and the final film requires a lot more time to complete.

If you’re looking for more than just a record of your wedding with some music added in, a top-notch wedding videographer is going to run anywhere from $3,000 – $10,000. If that sounds like a lot, then keep in mind that a serious wedding filmmaker invests a minimum of $15,000 – $20,000 just on the gear, software, and various business expenses. Throw in the dozens of hours spent shooting, editing, traveling, and producing the film, and it all adds up pretty quickly.

JB Tip: Don’t shop exclusively on price. We’re talking about your wedding here. This day only happens once. Find a videographer that you are comfortable with and who’s style and work you love. Many wedding professionals say it and it’s not just a cliche: it’s an investment in future memories that you both get to relive forever.

4. Are they invested in you?

From the first few interactions you’re going to know a lot about your videographer. Do they respond quickly? Are they helpful without being pushy? Do they provide useful information to help you make an informed decision? You’re making a big investment and putting your trust in someone who’s job it is to record the most important day of your lives. They may have a great website and professionally produced films, but if they’re personality is off-putting or they don’t show that they really care what you want, it may not be the right fit.

JB Tip: Meet with the videographer in person or over video-chat. Your story is unique and personal. The best way for them to get to know and learn what’s important to you as a couple is to meet with you. You’ll learn a ton!

This elopement-styled bridal shoot included long walks among the red rocks, meditating hikers, and a seriously in-love couple.

5. Do you want a videographer or a filmmaker?

The words videographer and filmmaker are often used interchangeably. However, there is a distinction to be made when choosing the right team to film your wedding. A lot of people in the industry are tech enthusiasts who are more at home behind their computer editing than they are meeting with the couple to plan and shoot a story. For some videographers, the goal is simply to record each part of a wedding day and splice those parts together, with little focus on creativity or the uniqueness of the couple.

A filmmaker, on the other hand, tends to be motivated by the need to create a cohesive and beautiful story. They’re not only interested in the technical details, but also in the people in front of the camera who’s story they’re trying to tell.

JB TIP – Watch their films. Are they focused more on the style or the story? Depending on the wedding film, it may look different for each couple they film. While wedding films often follow a fairly consistent pattern (boy and girl get ready, boy sees girl, boy and girl kiss, etc.), what differentiates a good filmmaker from an average videographer is their ability to tell the same basic story in new ways. Talking with the videographer will tell you a lot about what is important to them creatively.



  1. My fiancé and I are getting married summer of next year. Thanks for discussing the difference I’m a wedding videographer and a filmmaker since the latter is more focused on creating a story out of what you want them to highlight. I think I would want to have someone that would create an intimate and beautiful video of what we are as a couple.

    • John says:

      Hi Claire!
      Oh, congratulations! We’re glad this was helpful. We hope you find the perfect filmmaker to tell your love story next year. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help figuring out how to pick the best one for you guys.

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