A Love Story Adventure Elopement: Dusk to Dawn

Somewhere in Utah…

The road was long and bumpy. Miles of desolate, martian-like landscape passed on either side of the car. In places the trail became harder to navigate with seemingly impassable ruts and large rocks guarding their path. But Mason and Sharon continued on. Their commitment to each other and to reaching such a remote, special, and awe-inspiring place on their adventure elopement was unwavering.

Watch Sharon + Mason’s epic adventure elopement film here.

Rising early at the edge of a cliff they would greet the sun as two. By day’s end they would say goodbye to the light and begin a new adventure together as one. This was the start of something new.

"Good morning, my love."

“Dawn had arrived. Good morning, my love.”

Now, here, overlooking a massive vista filled with monuments, buttes, and water-filled valleys, they were alone. The world’s covers began to be pulled back as black night made room for blue dawn. On the horizon, pink kissed the edge of a low cloud bank. Dawn had arrived. Good morning, my love! For several minutes they were enveloped in a soft glow, embracing as they surveyed the world in front of them.

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

“The day was fully awake and they felt fully alive.”

As they explored the rocky outcroppings, streams of golden light spilled into the expanse, filling the vastness–and their bodies–with warmth. The day was fully awake and they felt fully alive. In every direction Sharon and Mason beheld a new wonder, a vibrant color, a collective reflection in the water below. This was a place created for taking time. But their day was just beginning and they had several more locations yet to experience.

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

TIP: Adventure elopements are one of a kind experiences. Be sure to allow for extra time in your schedule to get to your location so you can enjoy the moments instead of rushing. Consider camping or staying the night nearby.

Sharing something sacred.

In the wilderness of southern Utah and northern Arizona there are dozens of remote (and a few secret) slot canyons. Etched by wind, rain, and time, these gashes in the earth’s skin are cut through rock, creating shapes and shadows that mesmerize every visitor.

Inside the canyon the first thing Sharon and Mason felt was the coolness. Below ground, away from the heat, a continuous breeze ran between the narrow walls, offering them a welcome respite from the relentless sun. Entering this new world brought new wonders; textures and tones covered the flowing stone. As the light reflected off of Sharon’s dress she and Mason walked on, hand-in-hand, stopping to share an intimate moment in a secluded nook.

“…an almost cathedral-like quality”

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

In that underground passage it possessed an almost cathedral-like quality as the light cascaded down through cracked windows in the ceiling 60 feet above. A reminder that marriage is a sacred thing; something created and ordained. Having rested and explored for the better part of an hour, it was now time for Sharon and Mason to continue their journey.

TIP: It’s easier (and safer) to hike in comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes and then change once you get to your location.

It was hard to leave the shade and quiet of the canyon. Sharon and Mason (and their team) started to feel the effects of having gotten little sleep with already a full half day of adventuring and hiking behind them. It was perfectly timed, then, to head back for a quick swim in Lake Powell before needing to head south to Sedona.

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

As they walked towards the shore, the sand was hot beneath their feet. It was a little past noon and the sun was high in the sky. They were tired and hot, but the water was cool and refreshing. This was a much needed break from the walking and hiking. It wasn’t yet mid-afternoon and Sharon and Mason had already been to three amazing spots with one super-epic location remaining for sunset.

Climbing towards forever.

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)
PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

Sharon and Mason’s adventure elopement ended in Sedona. After driving several hours south from Page, they arrived in Sedona at their final location for their ceremony atop a towering butte. While Mason gathered their wedding attire, Courtney Ness-Footitt of Seventh Avenue Beauty helped with a final touch up on Sharon’s hair and makeup. Crucial to the success of the entire, epic day was the expertise of Traci Edwards of Adventure and Vow. For the Sedona location her partner, Bill, helped everyone climb safely to the top.

TIP: Adventure elopements are amazing. But nature is unpredictable. Make sure you find a professional who’s worked, scouted, and prepared for unforeseen events at the locations you want to travel to. The best in the business cost more because they put the work in to help make your day safe and unforgettable.

“Here at day’s end, two became one.”

It was a challenging hike to the base where Mason and Sharon would rope up. At this point in the day they were exhausted. But as the sun started to makes its way toward the west, a new feeling set in. Having come this far they weren’t about to go back. They would make it to the top before sunset.

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

After reaching the summit, Sharon and Mason were greeted with unmatched views of Sedona. After a quick change, Sharon greeted Mason in her custom, boho-inspired wedding dress. The golden light was magical as Mason led her to the edge overlooking the surrounding red rocks. Here, at day’s end, two became one.

PC – Traci Edwards (Adventure and Vow)

A huge THANK YOU to these amazing wedding professionals who helped make this adventure elopement story a reality:
Traci – Adventure and Vow (photography)
Courtney – Seventh Avenue Beauty (HMUA)
Nicole – The Wildflower AZ (florals)
Lana – Alis Fashion Design (wedding gown)
Marivel – Flutter Dress (rose gold dress)
Celeste – Sun Rise (jewelry)
Lauren – Lauren Yvonne Design (vow books)

For more on this epic day, head over to Traci’s blog post. She has tons of resources for couples who are looking to elope in Arizona, the PNW, Iceland, and more. We love working with her. Watch our other films here. Or you can contact us to start planning your wedding or elopement love story.



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